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Meet The Woman Behind iCLEAN Services

Meet The Woman Behind iCLEAN Services

Meet Giselle Aird- Founder of iCLEAN Services

I found joy in cleaning from a very young age. Cleanliness was key for my peace of mind and comfort. I suppose this innate ability was passed down from generation to generation. My dad always jokes about my mom’s ability to find one grain of rice lodged under our stove, even after he cleaned our home for hours to surprise her. Starting my own business (iClean) was always a desire, and collaborating something I was passionate about to fulfill that dream was a no brainer. While all businesses operate with the intention of being profitable, my ultimate satisfaction comes from happy customers. My staff know that I am a stickler for details, so for those corners that tend to be missed, I make sure that they aren’t.

Being a Mompreneur isn’t easy. I am faced with many challenges daily, especially as I have a very active 10 year old to appease. Finding that balance and trying to do it all has been difficult, as many days I find myself feeling like I am failing miserably at parenting. But then I have conversations with my son that highlights his intelligence and suave and that provides the energy I need to continue progressing for him. My days with iClean consist of early mornings that end very late at night. Thankfully, I have a very supportive village and an excellent and dedicated team of staff. I do not just hire based on ‘can you do the job?’ but rather, do you enjoy cleaning? Do we share the same vision? How does your personality fit with the other team members?

To add to being a Mompreneur, I am also a part-time “student”. I am preparing to sit  the  (“PMP”) Project Management Professional Exam. I also just completed my Degree in Business Management, graduating with First Class Honors, which was a huge achievement for me.

While I have faced and continue to face many challenges on a day to day basis. I have not experienced nor faced gender inequality as a female entrepreneur. Maybe this is because of my tenacity and strong personality.

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