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Meet the owner of Acres and Bristles Enterprise

Meet the owner of Acres and Bristles Enterprise

Acres and Bristles Enterprise- How it Began

My first job in the construction industry was for my Father. Who at the time was a senior painter and a self made business owner. He had 15 employees, and my 4 brothers and I were trained under their wings as “go-fors”. Everyday was “go for this.. go for that” and then they would say “come let me show you how to sand a wall, or some iron work” etc. I took those experiences and worked at the Hyatt Trinidad in the Engineering department as a painter. Here I learned to stop saying “no problem” and to change it to “my pleasure”. No problem says it is a problem but my pleasure says you’re happy to do it.. Smile.. and always look over your work and ask how we can make this better. These were key lessons that helped me transfer into owning Acres and Bristles.

It took courage to start up my own business as a son of a painting contractor. I always dreamt of taking over my dad’s business but had motivated to start my own one day. My first business was actually with one of my brothers. I had planned to give warranty on the labour if the client was not happy if he went with the paint that we recommended. This was something that my father disagreed with.. the business with my brother lasted 3 years until we went our separate ways onto our own businesses. Eventually sparking me to open my own- Acres and Bristles Enterprise.  My favorite aspect of the job is transforming and impacting lives through Jesus Christ the Son of God. May it be workers or clients, through Jesus Christ I have seen this company holistically transform lives with the word of God.. it’s amazing.

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