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Biova has over 15 years of combined experience performing professional disinfection. Our specialized technique of atomized fogging has been proven effective for years in disinfecting and preventing communicable diseases such as COVID-19. We offer emergency disinfection, scheduled disinfection and 24 hour response for home and business disinfection.

Biova is trusted for performing affordable, efficient and thorough disinfections. We ensure that every surface is treated and advise our clients on the best techniques to keep areas clean and safe. Biova’s team has been performing disinfections in Trinidad and Tobago since 2018. We use a combination of eco-friendly, non-toxic and EPA approved disinfectants to safely protect you!

Wall Mounted Thermometers
Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
Soap Dispenser and Outdoor Sinks
Acrylic Screens
Social Distance Signage
Disinfection Foggers and Electrostatic Devices

At Biova, we know the importance of your company’s image and branding. Which is why on all our HealthGate, thermometer and dispenser stations, we offer free customization.


  • Mould Evaluation

    Identification of excess moisture and humidity leading to the formation of toxic mold on internal and external infrastructure of a building

    $ 300.00


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  • christine roxanne walker
    July 24, 2021 at 3:01 pm

    hi am intersted in this job

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